Donating to the Kokua Care Foundation

Kokua Care is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit foundation; Kokua Care Foundation. As a non-profit we are able to better serve the community and our Kupuna.  The Foundation status allows us to empower the community to support vitally important aspects of care through your generous donations. 

The programs currently being developed and funded are for Alzheimer's/Dementia care and Veterans care. Your donations are required to supplement or fully cover the care for individuals and/or families who lack the means to provide quality care for their loved ones. These gifts will help support the care for these individuals ranging from one hour bathing care to 24/7 hospice care.

We ask many different people to give to either or both of these worthy programs , including past clients, current clients and friends in the community at large. A gift to Kokua Care Foundation provides immediate and direct benefit to our Kupuna in need and clearly demonstrates your belief and compassion for these individuals .

Additional gifts could include:

  1. Wills and Bequests
  2. Charitable Gift Annuities (If permitted in your state)
  3. Charitable Remainder Trusts
  4. Pooled Income Fund
  5. Annual Giving Program
  6. Gifts of Appreciated Assets such as Real Estate and Securities
  7. Gifts of Insurance Annuities
  8. Gifts from an IRA
  9. Life Estate Agreements

Each tax-deductible gift is important, no matter the size, as it clearly demonstrates to other donors and to large corporations and foundations that the people in our community believe in these programs. This helps us to garner larger gifts in the future allowing us to reach out and care for more individuals in the community.


Our goal is to raise funds to provide sustainable care for a minimum of 200 eligible people that meet the criteria for the Foundation’s Alzheimer’s/Dementia and/or Veterans care programs.

We need your help now to expand and sustain these charitable care programs for eligible Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients and Veterans.

Every $275 provides more than one week of care and each $1,188 will provide at least one month’s worth of care for one person. Every $14,250 raised provides approximately one year of care for one of these amazing individuals. *

*These figures are based on an average requirement of 17.5 hours per week. Some care plans require less hours and others more.”


The Kokua Care Foundation
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“Alan is a breath of fresh air and a joy to have around! He handles my dad with such care and concern. I hold Kokua Care in such high esteem. Working with you has been a pleasure and a joy.”

Honolulu, HI



January 24, 2018
Honolulu, Hawaii

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